1. To capture and ensure the accuracy of the students Examinations records in the Database and maintain high level of security of the data. KEY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES  Receiving signed CAT/WBA from Dean Office and final exam score sheet for assigned programme.  Data capturing, entry of CAT/WBA & final exams for assigned programme and maintenance of student’s examination records.  Confirming and checking of correctness of marks captured and processed before handing over.  Assist in printing/dispatching of students Examination cards to deans’ office.  Processing and printing of provisional transcripts for assigned courses per Page 3 of 6 semester.  Processing and printing of academic transcripts for assigned courses per academic year.  Printing distribution and issuing list of printed provisional and Academic transcripts to the supervisor.  Daily maintenance and update of all assigned examination data bases.  Security of university exam data base and Custodian of all assigned examination records (soft and hard copies).  Storage of all assigned academic certificates soft copies in orderly manner.  Dispatching of transcripts to the various University schools once they have been confirmed.  Receipt and recording of approved marks relating to attachment, Research project for assigned programmes.  Ensuring all examination deadlines are adhered to as per accountability areas as given in the timeline.  Updating of examination remarking results for assigned programmes.  Assist in Preparation of the list of cleared students for graduation.  Preparation of graduation lists in consultation with the supervisor.  Marketing MUA programmes through good customer relations by actions.  Any other duties assigned from time to time. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE REQUIRED  Minimum qualification IT related Bachelor’s Degree  Higher Diploma in Data Processing and/or IT related field.  Knowledge – MS Access, Visual Basic, SQL and other programming languages.  Knowledge – Dream weaver and usual computer packages (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)  At least 1 years’ experience in a similar position.
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