1. This position reports to the Director, Executive Capacity Development Programmes, and is responsible for the day to day operations of department. KEY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES  To contribute to the University’s corporate and strategic goals by developing programmes, facilitating and coordinating quality training for both internal and external stakeholders  To secure appointments for company presentations and marketing of ECDP courses. Page 4 of 6  To make presentations on ECDP courses on behalf/in the absence of the ECDP Director.  To assist in proposal writing.  To follow up on trainings to secure participants.  To carry out media monitoring to identify opportunities for the department.  To ensure that ECDP department is registered on a timely basis with NITA and other relevant institutions.  To process prequalification documents in a timely manner.  To attend to ECDP clients correspondences and verbal queries accurately and promptly.  To ensure efficient flow of mail to and from the ECDP office.  To maintain a database and files for all ECDP clients and consultants.  To implement, maintain and update an office filing system that ensures easy retrieval and accessibility of documents.  To process ECDP consultants claims at the end of each assignment/training.  To assist in preparation of yearly procurement plan for the ECDP department.  To carry out Departmental requisitions when there is need.  To undertake word processing duties as required by the Director-ECDP  Any other duties assigned from time to time KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE  Degree in Social Sciences  Diploma in Human Resources Management  Computer applications:- MS Word, Microsoft Access (Database), MS Power point, MS Excel (Spreadsheet)  One year relevant experience
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